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Football Superstars Patches

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 15, 2016 9:46 pm

Postby Shark » Fri Mar 06, 2015 3:59 am
Hi folks,

Today, we have updated our game servers* with a new game-play update that changes Football Superstars matches. You will read the details below as we have posted the release notes but let me quickly explain what this game-play update brings to the table.

When is this going live?

It’s actually live now! You don’t need to download anything as the entire patch is on the server side, where the match engine is. There are no client side changes so, you don’t need to download any updates, the update is live and all changes are instantly available as soon as you login and enter Pele world.

The story

We have been working on FS Gameplay since October 2014 and in the last 6 weeks, we have also had Closed Beta tests with a group of users from the community. (Big thanks to all those testers who provided fantastic feedback and helped us tweak every gameplay aspect.)

So what’s this about? Give me the details!

This first game-play update focuses on several areas of a Football Superstars match. We first analyzed the current game-play and then decided which areas we would be able to improve first.

As much as there are limitations because of the game’s rather old game-engine, we were able to enhance the following game-play aspects:

- Player speed and overall game speed: The goal was to achieve a very realistic result so we analyzed some of the real life football matches to find an average football player’s movement rate when he is running and sprinting, also how his speed was affected when he was on the ball or was low on stamina. This helped us make Football Superstars player speed closer to reality. It’s not perfect but it’s closer. You might find it not so easy to adapt at first but in time, we believe you will see that this is for better.
- Pre-loading changes: We have changed the pre-load mechanics. Grey preloads (when your team mate still have the possession) expire quickly now, you must not depend on them. Red preloads are also expiring faster and you should really perfect your timing and not just preload for the ball and hope for the best.
- Ground kicks and overall kicking. We wanted to make FS a more fluid game that allows quick passing and teamwork. We found out that this was damaged by the slow ground passes as well as the annoying auto-movement and auto-trapping of the ball. We have changed these game mechanics so that you can make powerful ground passes and quickly change the direction of the play, allowing you to hit your opponents on the break or pass around like Barcelona to intimidate them.
- The IDEA is “Time your actions better for better results”. You must do it for all kind of kicks, from passing, to shooting, from headers to interceptions. Every action now requires much more precise timing by the player. We are hoping that this will make FS more competitive and depend more on player skills (player timing and vision).
- Defensive actions. Tackles and slide tackles. This was another area where we wanted to introduce some changes. Most users complained about the fact that a player who was tackled (lost the ball) was instantly able to recover and tackle back to gain ball possession again. This was even causing scenes where opponent players would swap the ball a few times and it didn’t look realistic at all.
- So we have tweaked the game mechanics to make it harder to tackle back once you were tackled by another player. The same applies to scenarios where you miss a tackle (when you fail to tackle) and keep hammering the tackle button. This works differently now, so that you need to (as an attacker and as a defender) time your action more precisely, meaning, you must tackle at the right moment and you must avoid tackles because you won’t be recovering from a tackle too quickly anymore. On the other hand, tackles are more responsive to user input, meaning, when you click your tackle key or lmb, your player will instantly go for a tackle, provided that you time it right and you are close enough to your opponent. Again, this needs some practicing.
- The same goes for slide tackles but it’s more than that. We have also changed the slide tackling mechanics, so that you wouldn't be able to kill attackers and get away with it. Referees will be more strict and the slide tackles won’t work from too far away from other players (you can’t simply dive 10 feet away and kill the attacker). Please try to get used to the new tackling system as this will require some practicing.
- There are changes related to the game’s collisions system, allowing you to avoid bumps a little more than previous versions. Bumps still exist but you should notice that they happen less frequently thanks to this new collisions system. We will continue working on collisions for the coming updates as it needs a lot of work.
- Crossing&Headers. Fancy playing wide? You can now cross better and you will notice that your headers will be more accurate (as high as it should be), provided that you time your headers right.
- Goalkeeper tweaks. We didn't want to make goalkeepers powerful or weaker. Instead we approached this from a different perspective and tried to make them more realistic, as much as the game engine allowed. Goalkeepers will be less predictable on rebounds where they will try to make clean saves when they can, if not, they will try to parry the ball out of play and finally if they fail the first two, they will try to parry the ball where their defenders have a better chance to recover possession and/or clear the ball out of the danger zone. This will certainly still depend on defending as goalkeepers can not save the entire team all by themselves.
- AI players: we changed how AI players act in training matches, and made them stronger to give you a more challenging training.
- There are also some small bug fixes and work-around to minimize some of the exploits. We will continue working on game-play and release more updates in the coming months.

AFK Idling : You will get the chance to vote off a player who is AFK sooner than before.

FriendlyMatches: Item Charge: Save your fancy legendary items or other valuable items to important games as friendly and training matches of all kinds affect your item durability/charge.

We will leave out some of the other minor changes and we are sure that experienced players will be able to spot these themselves after a few matches. There are areas we are still working on and hopefully we will be able to post more details of the upcoming patches in the near future.

Finally, we encourage you to give the new version a shot and make sure you give yourself the time to adapt first. We are hoping that you will enjoy it once you get a grasp of it. Updates for FS will continue in the coming months and we will post more details in the near future.

* Unfortunately, as announced this week, Cruyff server is not getting this update and we are allowing transfers to Pele server.


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